Tuesday, February 23, 2010


It is really hard to go get on this:
When you find this camped out on your couch:
So yeah, my run will have to wait until this evening, cause I cuddled up right next to those cuties, and I think I even closed my eyes for about 30 minutes this morning, when I should've been getting my training run in.

Saturday, February 20, 2010

I Needed That

My husband has been out of town, and I have been stuck on the dreadmill... mile after mile. It has really been wearing on my motivation. Fortunately or unfortunately (depending on your point-of-view), my husband got sick yesterday which meant for once it was ok to put the kids down for a nap and go get some fresh air. It is the first I had really ran since I had been sick, and I managed to struggle through 3 miles. Yes, just 3, and they were painful. My lungs weren't ready, my stomach wasn't ready, but it still felt amazing to run outside again... to actually travel from point A to point B.

This morning, I once again took advantage of my husband being home to go check out the Greenbelt Trail on Duck Creek in Garland. I have heard about it for quite some time, but I guess I was ignorant to how close it was and how fantastic it is for runners.

Yeah, well, it didn't look like that picture after the harsh snow of last week... just imagine everything in that picture as a lovely yellow-ish brown... but you get the idea. It was still a wonderful trail that wound along Duck Creek. It conveniently went under bridges so there was no stopping to cross at intersections. There were a couple of small muddy areas that caused me to slow down and tiptoe through them, but other than that, it was quite nice to be in a new environment and once again running outside.

I also tried GU today for the first time... I'm going to withhold my opinions until after a few more trials, but I wasn't really feeling what the difference was. We'll see if I can be convinced. (I used the Vanilla Bean flavor, and despite many reviews, it was actually quite easy to digest.)

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Exercise Forgiveness

UGH - right now I want to change this to BLOG forgiveness, because as I finished the last line of this post, it went batty, and all was lost... so let's try this again.

This year, I set a goal of running 1000 miles. That's a pretty hefty goal for me, and even in the first 6 weeks, I've realized I have to make some modifications. First, I need to allow those miles to include walking. Not because I intend to walk a lot, but because I am VERY goal oriented, and if I have to meet a mileage, I will tend to run through injury and run even when my body is shouting No! The second thing is I need to learn to forgive myself when I'm feeling out for a day or two and just let my body recouperate. My motivation has been lacking due to the frigid temps and the neverending dreadmill... I really need a good day on the open road to put me back in the mood.

Just a few weeks ago, I felt like this:

And today, I had a complete lack of endurance, and felt like this:

I made it 6 miles anyhow, but I had to walk 1, run 1... something I haven't done in a very long time. Usually I can crank out 5 miles without a problem, and 6 or 7, while at the edge of my comfort zone, are still usually achievable without a break. Mr Sun, Sun, Mr Golden Sun, please shine down on me! I need a good motivating run!

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Running Gadgets

One of the fun things about a new passion, is all the new goodies you get to look for and try out. I've been back into running for about 18 months now... long enough to know this is now a passion... something I have to do. Not just a passing exercise fad to slim up a little (which, for what its worth, hasn't slimmed me up at all). So I figure its time to try out some new gadgets. I already have the Mac Daddy gadget - the Forerunner 405, so now are some mini-gadgets...

First is GU:

I have heard all about the GU. It looks disgusting, and I'm sure it tastes disgusting, and I've managed to avoid it up until now. However, I completely puttered out around mile 8 in the White Rock Half Marathon. And even in training runs, anything past 6 miles was an energy strain. So I purchased a very small amount to try out on some longer training runs and see how they work out.

Next is Body Glide:

I thought I could avoid this little deoderant shaped gadget. I thought. I have managed to make it without a single blister, but at some point last week, well... I noticed some scabbing. I'm sure you can guess where since my thighs aren't exactly matchsticks (although they were trying to start a fire). I think I'll keep this bad boy in my arsenal for longer distance runs.

Lastly is "The Stick":
I've been feeling a number of aches and pains lately, and I've heard rave reviews of the stick. It has several spindles on a flexible stick that you rub up and down your muscles to massage out the knots. I cannot wait to give this a try. Come on shin splints, show me what ya got!
So that's the new gadgets that have entered my "running box" (yes, I actually have a box on my dresser for all various running gadgets, samples, articles, etc).